Aoga PReschool 2003-2006

Preschool Additions Grey Lynn, Auckland

Two small additions were made to an existing pre-school facility (a prefab and an existing building designed by David Powers) as the centre continued grow.
1. Additional office space for ongoing Centre of Innovation research work (Image 1&2)
2. Shower and Laundry block (Image 3)

SATELLITE SCHOOL - Proposal for St Paul College Grounds   2006

Outdoor playing areas sit under a single, sloping canopy roof. The roof slopes in two directions, appearing to slowly sweep from the low grassy end towards the tall pohutukawa at the entry. The entire facility has a faletele structure as its central organizing space, a highly successful element in the existing RRS Aoga, where the children have lotu, sing, eat and play. Resource Consent was gained in 2006, however the project is on hold as the school site is no longer available.