Lush House 2008

Alterations and additions Birkenhead, Auckland

Sliding Screens- Vertical and Horizontal
Black Steel and Timber
Shadow between Roofs

Heritage zoning dictated the retention of an existing bungalow on an elevated, sunny, windy site. Two large external outdoor deck areas were created along the northern aspect, separated by a stairwell which provides protection to both. One outdoor area is fully enclosed by sliding screens, to cope with the windy conditions, while the other enjoys protection as well as open views back towards Little Shoal Bay.
Vertical sliding panels to the kitchen storage wall continue the outdoor room detailing and theme. Black steel and granite exaggerate the warm richness of the existing timber flooring. Effort was invested in extending and marrying the 1970’s pop-up roof addition into the overall house proportions. All eaves are painted black to contain shadows between the two gable roofs.