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Previous work for neil simmons architect

Lynda worked as an architectural graduate for Neil Simmons Architects from 1987-1990, with experience gained on the Webber House, Takapuna (1989), assisting with her registration in 1989. The Craig Residence, Orakei gained runner-up in the ‘Jacobsen Young Architect Award’ in 1988.

After a period overseas, Lynda returned to Neil Simmons Architects for a further three years (1993-1996), working on projects such as the McMeeking House, Beachlands (1995) and the Alexander House, Stanley Point, Devonport (1993).

Working in the family practice is considered as the most valuable education received to date, which never goes unappreciated.

Images (top to bottom):

1-4 Webber House, Takapuna
5-10 Craig House, Orakei
11 Alexander House, Devonport.