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Themes: materials + furnitures

Preferred materials are black steel, dark timbers, shadow and concrete.

1 McMeeking House Interior 1995 (Neil Simmons Architects)
Timber, black steel.

2 Peters House Alteration 2004
Basalt, laminated timber, recycled rubber.

3 Peters House Alteration 2004
Recycled rubber, polished concrete, timber & steel.

4 Webber House 1990 (Neil Simmons Architects)
Vertical timber sliding screens.

5 Alexander House 1993 (Neil Simmons Architects)
Concrete brickwork, timber, steel drawer pulls.

6 Fiddes House kitchen 2003/Lush House kitchen, 2008.
Powder coated black steel, laminated timber, stainless steel, black colorati, black granite.

7 Storage Refiti-Simmons house, 1988.
Recycled timber filing cabinets.

8 Side table 1, 1996.
Recycled filing cabinet, black steel, black polycarbonate.

9 Side table 2, 1997.
Recycled dentistry tray, black steel.

10 Door Handle, 1994.
Re-purposed stainless steel maritime rope guide, jarrah timber.

11 Limbs Dancers, 1981.
Cast aluminium.

12 Reclining Figure, 1983.
Cast black oxide and concrete.